Friday, May 8, 2015

Post #12-Just Go for It

Looking back at 20 Time for the year I definitely struggled.  I was so excited for this project when it was first introduced.  But then things started moving slowly and every Friday seemed like a chore to write another blog post about how I had basically done nothing.  I lacked motivation for my project at about the halfway point.  So basically I did not accomplish anything for my project.  Although I did my really finish or complete anything over the year I did learn a few valuable lessons.  Such as connections guarantee nothing in life.  I thought because I could personally email Mr. Hershey that I could slack off and still complete my 20 Time project and get them to work with me to create south spirit wear.  Also it is always said that without determination and commitment it is much harder to accomplish a goal.  For me this was proven with my 20 Time Project.  I've pretty much always been a hard worker but something was different for this project.  I don't really know why, maybe since it was a once in a while thing.  It could be since 20 Time wasn't a big enough thing or often enough.  But also it is hard to focus on a project when you have big assignments for the same class or even other classes over the weekend.  On top of homework I also had to focus on volleyball and basketball for the majority of the year.  I was not successful with my 20 Time Project and accomplishing my goals, but I was able to take away a couple things from this project. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Post #11-Just Go for It

Considering Mr. Hershey has been busy and the final speech for 20 Time is approaching quickly I have decided to email others for help.  I am drafting emails right now to send to others who work for Nike or could give me advice for the future.  I realize that 20 Time is coming to a close but I can always continue to work on what I started so I'm not too discouraged, the future could still be bright.  

Monday, March 9, 2015

Post #9-Just Go for It

Updates for my project, slim to none.  Over the past two weeks I have started to think of ideas of what kind of designs I would want to talk about with Mr. Hershey if he does in fact respond.  I'm thinking along the lines of spirit wear for my school.  As on right now not all my ideas are put together so there is nothing to show.  Hopefully in my next blg post I'll have some ideas that are in fact ready to share. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Post #8-Just Go for It

Bad news, still no response from Mr. Hershey, I mean he is a very busy man.  Last week we were on break for school, it was nice to finally have a week off.  As school starts again I'm hoping to get some sort of news regarding my project. Even if he is unable to help me that news is better than no news.  I thinking waiting in silence is the worst part, not knowing anything that is going to happen, it's intimidating.  Hopefully there is some sort of an actual update in my next post! 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Post #7-Just Go for It

This week I have some news, but news on why Mr. Hershey has not been able to respond to my email.  Katie Duncan, his sister-in-law, told me that he has been traveling.  For the past couple of weeks he has been flying around in a private jet with other Nike Executives.  With this I am hopeful I will have more news relating to my project in my next blog post.  In the time from my last blog post my basketball team won three more games and lost one.  We lost in overtime to Henry Ford High School and beat North, Port Huron Northern, and Dakota.  We killed North which is always fun, handled Dakota with ease, and beat Port Huron Northern by four (we lost to them the first time we played them).  Tomorrow instead of practice we are going bowling, which should be a lot of fun.  Also I passed my drivers test (!!!) but now just have to wait until my birthday.  Hopefully the next post I will have some more exciting news, this time from Mr. Hershey.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Post #6-Just Go for It

Another week, and another post of  saying how I am waiting for a response to my email.  I'm sure it would be more entertaining if I told you about my past week instead of dragging on and on about how I have no updates on my project.  Well midterms were stressful, but I made it.  I think the worst part about last week was that I had basketball to focus on too.  So on Wednesday I traveled to Cousino High School for my game, we won but it was a pretty low scoring game (I think everyone's brains were fried).  Then on Friday I was lucky enough to have a third hour tutorial and not have to go into school, so I was able to sleep in and relax.  Later that day I had a game against Romeo High School, which we also won with ease.  On Saturday I built a snowman with my friend Claire because, why not?  You are never too old to go outside and play in the snow!   Today I celebrated my dad's birthday with my family, it is always nice to get together and see my cousins since they live in the north district (boo!) and I don't get to see them that often.  Hopefully next week I will have some more news relating to my project!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Post #5-Just Go for It

I know since we had a break to work on our project this is supposed to be a lengthy blog on all that we accomplished.  But things don't always work the way we had planned.  I am waiting for a response from Mr. Hershey, Katie Duncan thinks that it is possible that he never received my email so I think we are going to give him another week to respond and then we will figure out what to do from there.  I'm starting to question if what I'm trying to achieve just isn't possible, and if I should try to work on something else for my project.  I will stay hopeful because this is what really interests me and I guess I might not have the guts to give up on my dreams.  I like to aim high in life, in sports, life, school.  I definitely have not accomplished all the goals I have set for myself but I have worked towards them.  I still work towards my goals, I hate to admit defeat, it just doesn't sit well with me.  Because there is always improvement I can make to try to achieve my goals.  And even if time does in fact run out, I still learn a lot along the way and can be proud I always gave 110%.  I don't plan on giving up on my dream of working for Nike, but if now isn't the right time I can always take what I learned and transfer it over in the future.  My favorite Christmas present this year was a pair of Nike id shoes that I designed.  They are the Roshe Runs and I am really happy with how they turned out.  I love that Nike allows anyone to personalize their shoes, it gives me a sense of pride when someone complements them because I was the one who designed them (well the colors and everything).  It makes me think of how great it would be to work with athletes and design what they would wear in games.  That reminds me, over break I went to Chicago with my basketball team.  We stayed a couple of blocks off of Michigan Ave. and were allowed to walk around together.  Of course we went to the Nike store which is amazing.  But what's even better is that we just so happened to be in the right place at the right time, and got to ride the elevator with a couple of Kentucky's mens basketball players.  They went up to the very top floor and got to go to a special room where I'm sure they picked up some new team spirit wear.  The possibilities with or even at Nike are endless.