Friday, November 7, 2014

Post #1-Just Go for It

     For my 20 Time Project I am going to chase after my dream of one day working for Nike.  I have been dreaming of living in Oregon one day and driving to work at Nike headquarters for about a year.  Sports are my outlet in life, I love everything about them.  The hard work, the wins and even the losses.  I never want to give up the feeling I get from being around something I love.  I will be talking with Tim Hershey, the general manager of retail sales, for my project.  I hope to accomplish a lot but the main thing I am shooting for is to have one of my very own designs to be put into production.  If I am able to make this happen I'd hope it would open doors for Nike to possibly sponsor Grosse Pointe South and maybe even have my design be the spirit wear for the school.  I am very passionate about sports and everything to do with them, I know I will work hard to try to accomplish this goal, just like I would work hard at practice.   I can't wait to continue to work on my project.  

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  1. I think you are the kind of person that never gives up on her dreams. I think it is really nice the way that you are trying to make your dream come true and the way you would use it if you accomplish it. With hard work and dedication I believe you will be able to accomplish your dream. Keep working hard and do not give up. I am also doing a 20time project and the purpose of my project is to show how to become a professional soccer player. Based on the information that I am supposedly to get from professional soccer players, I want to encourage other people and show them that anything is possible. I would appreciate so much and you give a look to my blog and read though it.