Friday, November 14, 2014

Post #2-Just Go for It

      This project is seeming to be a lot more difficult than expected.  I really need to learn how to prioritize my time so I am able to set aside more time for 20 Time.  With volleyball playoff and school I wasn't able to accomplish much this week which is kinda upsetting to me; because I am so eager to begin.  Today I am going to draft my email for Tim Hershey and ask if he will be my mentor for this project.  Also if he would be able to help me in the process of working with Nike to get a design into production.  Working for Nike is my dream job so I am open to anything or any advice Mr. Hershey or others at Nike would be able to offer me. I know buyers are able to design their own shoes through Nikeid, but thinking about designing a pair of shoes or maybe a shirt and having others buy them either in the store or online gets me really excited to see where this project will take me.  I feel like even if I do fail I will learn a lot, which could be beneficial if I still want to strive to work for Nike one day.  Personally I believe failing is the first step to succeeding.  It is very rare that one can be successful without failing before they got to where they wanted to be.  And I know I'm a little confused as of know and how I should go at this project but before you learn something new you must overcome that state of confusion.  I am very eager to see where this project leads me, and how I will handle everything that is thrown at me. 

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  1. Keep pushing forward! You will be able to live up to your dreams with enough determination!
    Find time simply by scheduling some in at first! Put an hour or even 15 minutes a day into your planner where you go and work on your blog. This will help you keep everything up to date!
    Good luck with your future and I love your positive attitude!