Monday, November 24, 2014

Post #3-Just Go for It

     Sadly this week hasn't been that productive.  I was able to send Katie Duncan my email, but I am waiting for a response to that.  I was very busy with volleyball ending, we made it to the quarterfinals but sadly lost to Bedford. Immediately after volleyball ended I was thrown in basketball season, which had already begun.  I am pretty excited for this season, I was able to make varsity but I might have to go down to jv depending on how their team does.  I am most excited to be able to play with Cece Rice, we have become pretty close friends, she's a senior so this is her last season at south, before she goes to play at Illinois.  She's an amazing athlete so practice with someone as talented as her, and a couple of others, is a pretty cool experience.  As you can see sports really mean a lot to me, I rarely go a day without doing something active.  I just feel so much better is I'm able to go to practice or on a run.  My passion for athletics is why I am so interested in Nike.  In my opinion they make the best sportswear and I personally wear it I'd say on a daily.  I want to always be around something that I have a lot of heart for, so that's why my heart is chasing after my dream of working for Nike.  I know even if I do not succeed now if I enjoy the experience and am still interested later in life, I will definitely go for my dreams again.  Another thing I absolutely love about Nike is they chose great athletes to represent their company.  For example Gabby Douglas, an Olympian, has a contract with Nike.  From what I can tell, she seems like such a nice and genuine person, along with a phenomenal athlete.  The experiences that would come from Nike would be endless, maybe later in life, but endless which excites me for this project.  I do not know how far I will be able to run with this idea considering I am only 15, but I will take anything I can get.  I am anxious for a response to my email, I can't wait to see where it takes me in my project. 

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