Monday, December 8, 2014

Post #4- Just Go for it

My email to Mr. Hershey is still waiting for a response, so my project right now is at a standstill.  So instead of dragging on and on about how I just did not do anything further I'll just talk about what is going in my life right now.  The other night I had a basketball game at Mumford.  We played Cass Tech in a tournament that is held every year, the Derrick Coleman tournament.  The games were running about two and a half hours behind, so we were supposed to play at 6 but didn't start until close to 8:30.  Did I mention we got there at 4:30 to see a Chicago team play, because we will be playing them in Chicago before Christmas.  So that was a pretty long night, but at least Mumford did a really nice job with the tournament, especially the Dj that they hired.  When we finally got to play it was a good game, we ended up winning by I think 15 points; and recieved a trophy, probably the biggest trophy we have gotten before.  It was a pretty cool experience and I'm glad I got to be a part of it.  I hope my 20 Time experience will also be a success! 

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