Sunday, January 25, 2015

Post #6-Just Go for It

Another week, and another post of  saying how I am waiting for a response to my email.  I'm sure it would be more entertaining if I told you about my past week instead of dragging on and on about how I have no updates on my project.  Well midterms were stressful, but I made it.  I think the worst part about last week was that I had basketball to focus on too.  So on Wednesday I traveled to Cousino High School for my game, we won but it was a pretty low scoring game (I think everyone's brains were fried).  Then on Friday I was lucky enough to have a third hour tutorial and not have to go into school, so I was able to sleep in and relax.  Later that day I had a game against Romeo High School, which we also won with ease.  On Saturday I built a snowman with my friend Claire because, why not?  You are never too old to go outside and play in the snow!   Today I celebrated my dad's birthday with my family, it is always nice to get together and see my cousins since they live in the north district (boo!) and I don't get to see them that often.  Hopefully next week I will have some more news relating to my project!

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