Friday, May 8, 2015

Post #12-Just Go for It

Looking back at 20 Time for the year I definitely struggled.  I was so excited for this project when it was first introduced.  But then things started moving slowly and every Friday seemed like a chore to write another blog post about how I had basically done nothing.  I lacked motivation for my project at about the halfway point.  So basically I did not accomplish anything for my project.  Although I did my really finish or complete anything over the year I did learn a few valuable lessons.  Such as connections guarantee nothing in life.  I thought because I could personally email Mr. Hershey that I could slack off and still complete my 20 Time project and get them to work with me to create south spirit wear.  Also it is always said that without determination and commitment it is much harder to accomplish a goal.  For me this was proven with my 20 Time Project.  I've pretty much always been a hard worker but something was different for this project.  I don't really know why, maybe since it was a once in a while thing.  It could be since 20 Time wasn't a big enough thing or often enough.  But also it is hard to focus on a project when you have big assignments for the same class or even other classes over the weekend.  On top of homework I also had to focus on volleyball and basketball for the majority of the year.  I was not successful with my 20 Time Project and accomplishing my goals, but I was able to take away a couple things from this project. 

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